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Child Abuse Prevention Month


Good and Gracious God, you who hold all life as sacred, all human life

precious, we give you praise this day. We ask in a special way that your sweet

Holy Spirit will fill all of us with a zeal for safeguarding and protecting the

lives of our children. Fill us with the courage to continue to bring your mission

of healing and wholeness to our society where all too often our children and

youth are being physically, emotionally and sexually abused.


As you wept for your friend Lazarus lying in the tomb, so we weep with you

every time we hear stories of abuse in our society. And as you called the

bystanders to unbind Lazarus and remove his burial cloths, so we seek to

answer your call to unbind and lighten the hurt and pain of past abuse from

the victims and their families.


















Gracious God,

we continue to seek your aid in raising awareness

of the risks to our children, risks that can limit them from safely pursuing the

development and sharing of their God-given potential.

Bless all parents, all teachers, all grandparents and guardians, all child

advocates and all who you have entrusted with the care of Your children.

Give them the love, the strength, the affirmation, the wisdom and the patience

to help these children grow in homes and schools filled with love, faith and



And, of course, loving God, protect our precious children and youth that they

may know the safety and security of loving homes, safe streets, safe and

nurturing schools and faith communities. Help them witness in us, their

caregivers, the passion we have for serving you by helping them

in every way we are able to grow safely and strongly into adult maturity.

We ask all of this in the name of the God of Life and Love, the Strength of our

spirits and the Source of our security. You who live and reign in unity with

Your Son and our brother, Jesus Christ, united in Your Holy Spirit,

one God for ever and ever.



- Rev. Lawrence Dowling, Pastor

St. Agatha Parish, Chicago










5 things to know about

girls in STEM fields


March 2014

1. To combat grim statistics which indicate that women only
make up 24% of jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields,
more and more opportunities are popping up for girls in these areas than ever before.

2. Some toy companies, like Goldie Blox and Roominate, are steering away
from gender-based marketing and selling building
toys designed to stimulate innovation and creativity.

3. Historic organizations, such as the YWCA and Girl Scouts of America, which offers over 30 badges for
STEM-related activities, are actively encouraging girls’ interest in STEM fields.

4. Camps like Girlstart and Camp Reach make STEM learning fun by giving girls creative,
hands-on experience with scientific experiments and engineering concepts.

5. Check out the NSTeens video Attitude Overdrive to meet Becks, the ultimate gamer girl.
Video games are a great way to introduce more girls to STEM.



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                                    LENTEN & HOLY WEEK RESOURCES 2014





                                     Working together, then, we appeal to you
                                       not to receive the grace of God in vain.
                                                          For he says:
                                             In an acceptable time I heard you,
                                      and on the day of salvation I helped you.
                                        Behold, now is a very acceptable time;
                                           behold, now is the day of salvation.

                                                    2 corinthians 5:20-6:2


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 USCCB - Faith and Safety


There is a new website from USCCB for helping keep

children and families safe online:

The website is a partnership

with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and it is designed

to be a place where families  learn to see technology through the eyes of

faith and stay safe online. The site offers guidance

how to use the Internet, cell phones and video games safely, as well as protecting children’s privacy.

We encourage you to:

* Share the site with your networks

* Identify areas of the site that you believe could be expanded.


The site is less than a year old and the developers welcome input.

You can send comments to Dominic Perri,

consultant to the USCCB Communications Department, at




20 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect


Prevent Child Abuse Illinois


Put Children and Families First!


1. Care enough to call! Call the Child Abuse Hotline if you suspect a child is being hurt.


In Illinois call 180025ABUSE (18002522873)


2. Be a positve and nurturing parent or caretaker and help other family members, friends, and

neighbors be positve parents too.


3. Make children a priority. Make sure they are safe and have healthy environments.


4. Allow yourself a tmeout when needed. Taking care of yourself is as important as taking

care of your family.


5. Seek help if you need it. If you feel out of control or worried about your parentng, get help.


Partcipate in Child Abuse Prevention Month


6. Wear a blue ribbon the entire month of April and attend Child Abuse Prevention activities in your area.


7. Organize a Pinwheel planting or Blue Ribbon campaign in your area. Visit our website to learn how.


8. Provide in service education or a lunchtime workshop on child abuse prevention for your office.


9. Decorate your home, office, classroom or business with Pinwheels and Blue Ribbons.


10. Involve Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, church youth groups, school groups or classes as volunteers

to cut, pin or distribute Blue Ribbons in your community.


Engage Your Community


11. Join or start a Child Abuse Prevention Coalition. Visit our website to learn more.


12. Organize a parent support group in a local church, library or social service agency.


13. Partner with local businesses to host community workshops, health fairs, or fun events

for families.


14. Encourage schools, grocery stores, faith organizations and others to incorporate

positive parenting tips and messages into their newsletters and bulletins.


15. Ask elected officials to support programs and services that help children and families.


Support Prevent Child Abuse Illinois


16. Sign up to be a walker in the Illinois Walk for Children. Not available that day? That’s okay you

can walk online!!


17. Follow Prevent Child Abuse Illinois on Pintrest and join our Cause on Facebook!


18. Buy pinwheels, blue ribbon car magnets, bracelets and more. Visit


19. Host a Blue Jeans Day at your office, school or club with the proceeds benefiting PCA Illinois.


20. Donate to Prevent Child Abuse Illinois!




 Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

528 S. 5th Street Suite 211 Springfield, Ill 62701 Phone: 217-522-1129 Fax: 217-522-0655

Children Matter… Get Involved!









Let's all Wear Blue



For Child Abuse Prevention Month   



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